Get ready, CLAYDAY STUDIOS is blooming!  We recently announced the partnership between CLAYDAY STUDIOS and the new PUREBERRI ICE CREAM & ART - opening in June... ( 

Today, we have even MORE great news!  CLAYDAY STUDIOS will be opening CLAYDAY STUDIOS EXPRESS in El Dorado Hills on June 1st!  This ART HUB will be ready for you to view, purchase, pick up and drop off your Raw Clay pieces, or your ready made painted pottery pieces.  

Although you can purchase items on our online store 24 hours a day, this ART HUB allows a pickup/Dropoff point.  You'll be able to see our ceramic bisque collections up close plus you'll be able to order any custom piece, personalized with any name, or word or quote.

ALSO, BIrthday Party Boxes will be available for pickup and drop off at the CLAYDAY STUDIOS EXPRESS Hub!

Ready for summer parties?  We are!  Just log onto and join the fun!

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