1/2 lb Raw Clay
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1/2 lb Raw Clay

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This item is a prepackaged pack of 1/2 lb. Raw Clay. 
This item is ready for creating.

Step1: Remove clay from package. 

Step 2: Depending on your project, start to knead  the amount of clay you need.  Keep unused clay covered in the enclosed baggie. Clay dries very quickly. 

Step 3: Open Canvas mat. Place clay on canvas mat and roll out or wedge clay, as it will not stick to this, or any other fabric surface. Wet clay will stick onto wood or hard surface.


Step 4: Create your art piece on your canvas mat and place on hard mobile surface; I.e. clipboard, wood board, or large book.

Step 5: Let your Art piece dry for 3-6 days. The color of the clay will change colors from dark grey to a very light grey. 

Step 6: Bring in your art piece (Carefully) to the Studio for kiln firing. Kiln firing is $8 additional fee.


Step 7: Pick up your art piece in 7-10 days and get ready for painting with the underglazes( Paint) or acrylic paints.


Step 8: Paint your project with Underglazes or Acrylic Paints! Select/Purchase your paint pots for underglazes or acrylic paints in studio catalog. 

Step 10: Bring your Underglazed Painted project back to the studio for Kiln firing #2. ($8 kiln firing fee. ) This is only necessary if you used underglazes. Acrylic paints do not need to be kiln fired. 

Step 11: Pick up your finished Fully glazed Art piece from the studio in 7-10 days

Step 12: You Did It!! It’s ready to display  or wrap up as a Gift!