You don’t have to be perfect ..... plaque
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You don’t have to be perfect ..... plaque

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You don’t have to be perfect... plaque.    


Bisque Item- ready to paint/personalize mug

This is a new hand casted bisque mug ready to paint and personalize to your liking.

Can also purchase Glazed Finished option and it will be clear glazed and kiln fired and packaged for you. +$8

Perfect to purchase or send as a gift!

Purchase optional paint kit to complete
The project.

There are 2 Paint kits available:

Acrylic paint box complete with 8 colors and a paintbrush. Paint and finish/seal with a gloss top coat finish. Cannot be kiln fired. Not recommended for dishwashing or food use.

Glaze paint kit complete with 6 colors, pastels or brights) and a paintbrush is available for purchase $8
Must be dropped off at the studio (local purchase) or shipped to studio for firing. Glazed items are safe for food consumption. Dishwasher and oven safe.

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